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Your Brain Health: The Synaptitude Program

The Synaptitude Program brings together the most sophisticated, research-driven analyses of brain health. Assessing the traitome and the connectome in the same individual will give us unprecedented insights into your brain health while contributing to science. Synaptitude clients can learn more about their brain health than ever before through the following services*:


Brain Imaging**

UntitledWe assess your brain using research-quality MRI brain imaging. Advances in MRI brain imaging now enable us to see not only the activity of different parts of your brain as you perform various tasks, but to also assess the thickness of over 150 different cortical areas in your brain.  We can also assess the strength of connections between these different areas. It is becoming increasingly clear that, at some level, you are your connectome. The connectome, which represents the connections between the many areas of your brain, determines how you will think, how you will react, and what you will do in many circumstances. The United States has inaugurated the human connectome project (www.humanconnectomeproject.org), and 1200 carefully selected individuals are now having their connectome mapped by an international team of scientists. A reference connectome, similar to the reference genome, will soon be available and can be compared to an individual’s connectome. You will be offered a detailed assessment of your cortical areas, size, thickness, and anatomical and functional connectivity. The variations in connectivity among the different areas of your cortex will be mapped against variations in your genome, and variations in your cognitive performance capabilities.

**Available only if you meet MRI eligibility criteria.  Please contact us to determine if you are eligible.

Cognitive Assessments

Untitled (1)We perform a detailed assessment of your cognitive and physical performance, as well as your lifestyle behaviours (i.e., sleep, physical activity and diet).  Specifically, we will assess areas such as your physical strength, your balance, your ability remember to things and to make quick and appropriate decisions, how much you sleep and exercise, and what you eat on a daily basis. We assess your lifestyle behaviours because what you do everyday impacts your brain health!

Personalized Brain Fitness Programs

The aforementioned assessments provide insights into your current brain health and help to identify modifiable risk factors (e.g., poor sleep).  On the basis of these assessments, we will provide recommendations and strategies to reduce your risk factors.  Strategies may include game and wearable technologies as well as professional advice, guidance and support regarding your sleep and diet.

Participants in the Synaptitude Program will have an opportunity to lead the world in understanding, assessing, predicting and enhancing brain health.

*Please note that these services are conducted exclusively for informational purposes and are not intended for medical or legal use.