Optimize your brain power for a healthier, happier life


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Manage Stress

Improve concentration and attention 

Get better sleep 

Learn more from Dr. Max Cynader's Ted Talk

  • Memory, attention and brain speed
  • Brain structure and function (MRI and EEG)
  • Sleep efficiency
  • Diet and nutrition
  • Motor function and balance

  • Baseline brain health assessment 
  • Brain imaging
  • Consultation
  • Sleep recommendations
  • Stress management
  • Personalized brain exercises
  • Diet plan
  • Physical activity plan 
  • Brain health tracking

Our personalized lifestyle recommendations include:


Optimize your brain fitness with a scientifically proven research based approach

The Synaptitude program was developed by a world-class group of neuroscience professors from UBC

Dr. Max Cynader

Dr. Teresa Liu-Ambrose

Dr. Alexander MacKay

PhD, CM, OBC, FRSC, FCAHS  Chief Executive Officer

PhD, PTC    Cognition & Exercise

BSc, MSc, DPhil Brain Imaging

Synaptitude has helped me to become more aware of my daily habits and how they affect my mental and physical abilities as I get older. The program has helped me to adjust my diet, sleep and exercise routine in a way that will improve my overall health and has given me mentally stimulating exercises that will keep my brain healthy and active. I am fascinated with the learning that Synaptitude provides.  

Richard M


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Reduce risk of dementia

Let us help you live life to the fullest

Our comprehensive research and evidence-based assessment evaluates:

We'll provide you with tools and techniques to manage your stress

We'll give you cognitive exercises and techniques to strengthen your memory and focus

We'll help you change your sleep patterns so you get a better night's rest

We'll provide you with diet, sleep, exercise and cognitive training to optimize your health

50% of adults will develop dementia by age 85

23% of individuals have difficulty concentrating

40% of men suffer from insomnia

How Synaptitude Works:

  • We conduct a comprehensive test to establish a baseline
  • We provide recommendations and expert consultation
  • We do check-ins and allow you to do self-reporting for your convenience
  • We run an MRI Scan to get the most accurate picture of your brain 
  • We monitor your brain health throughout the program

Our Approach

Evidence-based scientific research

State-of-the-art technology

Personalized brain health assessment and training 

Dr. Carles Vilariño-Güell

              PhD                Brain Genetics

Get your brain health baseline assessment for $199 for a limited time

Learn about your risks for factors that impact your brain health.

Understand your brain. Maximize it with Science.

Synaptitude offers a comprehensive, evidence-based brain health program that is designed to identify modifiable risks to brain health, reduce these risks through personalized lifestyle recommendations and improve brain health over time.



Synaptitude for me has been a life changing experience. As part of their sleep study I found out that I had mild to moderate sleep apnea that had been plaguing me for years completely unbeknownst to me. I am now working on improving the quality of my sleep which has improved numerous areas of my life. Taking care of my brain has definitely been worth my investment.

John R.

Synaptitude has given me some insight into my brain health and offers a very hands-on personalized approach that encompasses diet, sleep, health and fitness. The direct one-on-one meetings with coaches is very useful and the program has put me on track to leading a healthier, active lifestyle.

Mike V.

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