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Retirement Residences

We partner with independent and assisted living residences to meet the brain health needs of your residents, to add greater value to your wellness program and to help you keep your residents active and healthy. As our partner, we provide your residents with the opportunity to learn more about and improve their brain health through our online brain fitness program. We also train your staff to guide, monitor and assist your residents as they participate in the program.

Synaptitude Online Program

In the web-based Synaptitude Online Program, your residents will receive assessments of risk factors that impact their brain health, a personalized online brain fitness program, lifestyle advice and continuous monitoring to reduce their risks for cognitive decline.

A computer/laptop and internet access are required to use the online program.

During the 12-month program, your residents will:

Learn about their memory, focus and attention

Detect changes in their cognitive abilities over time

Identify their cognitive strengths and weaknesses

Improve their memory, brain health and areas of cognitive weakness

Receive personalized strategies to optimize sleep and physical activity

Receive advice on how to manage stress

Receive targeted brain training to promote healthy brain aging

Receive continuous monitoring to track their progress

Improve their overall brain fitness

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