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Sleep Program

We offer a 12-week online program to help you manage and improve your sleep. As our client, we would provide you with insights about your sleep, identify areas in which you can improve your sleep, and provide guidance and coaching to help you set and achieve goals that will help you to adopt healthy sleep habits.


In our 12-week online sleep program (SleepAptitude) you will receive detailed sleep reports as well as evidence-based guidance and advice on how to manage and improve your sleep. SleepAptitude integrates with compatible Fitbit devices (AltaHR, Charge 2, Charge 3, Versa and Ionic) to capture data about your sleep activity and provide insights about your sleep. SleepAptitude’s virtual Sleep Coach will help you set goals and provide recommendations on how you can improve your sleep.

A computer/laptop, cell phone, internet access and compatible FitBit device are required to use SleepAptitude.

During the 3-month program, you will:

Receive reports about your sleep efficiency and other sleep measures

Receive analysis of your sleep patterns

Identify areas in which you can improve your sleep

Receive guidance on how you can improve your sleep

Set daily and weekly goals with your Sleep Coach

Receive alerts and reminders from your Sleep Coach via SMS text messages

Track your progress over time

Learn about the science behind sleep

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About SleepAptitude (Video)

40% of Canadians suffer from sleep disorders, putting them at risk for multiple health problems such as depression and dementia. View the video below to learn how we can help you improve your sleep.

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