About Us

Synaptitude Brain Health Inc. is a brain health company based in Vancouver, BC. Co-founded by UBC scientists, Synaptitude aims to bring revolutionary advances in brain research to the general public for the benefit of human brain health.

We combine sophisticated research and technical analyses to provide our clients with the most comprehensive brain health assessments and brain fitness programs. Join us in this venture of science and knowledge.

The Synaptitude Program (Video)

Synaptitude offers a comprehensive, evidence-based brain health program that is designed to identify preventable risks to brain health and reduce these risks through monitoring and personalized lifestyle recommendations.

Your Personalized Brain Fitness Program

We conduct comprehensive assessments of your brain to evaluate your memory, focus and attention and to detect changes in your cognitive abilities over time.

Chronic stress can cause your brain to shrink—we help you to manage your stress and improve your emotional health.

Brain training can help your brain to age well - we provide targeted brain exercises to improve any weaknesses in your cognitive function.

Exercise can help to keep your brain sharp - we help to improve your brain health, improve your balance and reduce your risk of falling.

What you eat can determine how well your brain ages—we help you to adopt healthy diet habits that have been shown to reduce the risk of cognitive decline.

Poor sleep can harm your brain over time - we help you to improve your sleep quality and reduce your risk for cognitive impairment.

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