“Synaptitude has become one of my favorite parts of my day. It's like an individualized exercise program for the mind. I can see levels of success both in the Synaptitude games and in my day to day life.” - Jill, 61

Get a Brain Fitness Roadmap that includes Tracking, Monitoring,
Coaching & Intervention. Here's How It Works:

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Start with a baseline evaluation, and then every month complete an evaluation that scores your Memory, Verbal Ability, Reasoning and Concentration. Track your improvement over time and see which areas need more work.
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Connect with Lola, the AI-enabled Synaptitude Brain Coach, and receive daily tips and support to keep you moving through your road to better brain aging.
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Your plan is targeted to your areas of risk. Focus on one brain health area each month to build healthy habits with targeted training & monthly evaluations. Synaptitude pillars include Cognition, Stress Management, Sleep, Exercise and Nutrition.
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Maintain Healthy Habits with Guided Activities

Follow a Personalized Roadmap

Start working on improving your brain health today with a brain health fitness plan that uses goal setting and guides you through healthy activities for Cognition, Sleep, Stress, Nutrition and Exercise.
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Select a Plan to Best Meet Your Brain Health Maintenance Goals

“I was tired of shooting in the dark – I’ve tried many types of brain games and was doing sudoku almost everyday but I couldn’t see progress. With Synaptitude, I can see changes weekly!” – Richard, 64
Track Your
Cognitive Wellness
$ 9.95 usd/mo Billed Monthly
  • Monthly Cognitive Evaluations
  • Identification of Personal Risk Factors

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Key Pillars
Risk Reduction
$ 49.95 usd/mo Billed Monthly
  • Monthly Cognitive Evaluations
  • Automatic Targeting to Your Personal Risk Factors
  • Clear Brain Fitness Roadmap
  • Monthly Training in up to 3 Pillars
Plan with a
Brain Health Expert
$ 129.95 usd/mo Billed Monthly
  • Monthly Cognitive Evaluations
  • Review 1:1 with a Synaptitude Brian Scientist
  • Clear Brain Fitness Roadmap
  • Monthly Training from All 5 Pillars

Your Brain Fitness Roadmap Uses an Integrated Approach


Understand your risk areas for decline, learn how to promote brain health & be confident in your healthy aging strategy.


Connect with your personal brain health coach to receive tips, reminders and ask questions about your program.


Train your brain in five different lifestyle areas. Benefit from a comprehensive approach towards healthy brain aging.


Complete Monthly Cognitive Evaluations to track your brain health progress from your training sessions.