Stand out as a champion of healthy brain aging

with Synaptitude Brain Fitness Plans

Promote healthy brain aging for your clients or organization and see the benefits of lifestyle changes that improve outcomes such as memory, concentration, and mindfulness.

See the benefits of having your clients sleep more soundly, manage stress better, have better memory and have improved balance to resist falls.

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High touch, without the high cost

Send practitioner notes or keep your clients engaged through an AI-enabled conversational agent. Encourage goal setting and habit tracking. Connect clients with daily brain health tips for an interactive coaching experience.

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A brain health hub for clients & practitioners

Connect with your clients in the Synaptitude Practitioner View. Easily assign plans, change plans and leave notes for your clients to deliver a personalized brain fitness solution all in one place.

Keep track of your clients' brain health

With the Synaptitude Practitioner View you can review details about your clients’ training data to ensure they are on the right track. See the benefits of improved memory, concentration, verbal reasoning, and more.

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