Champion an integrated lifestyle that promotes neuroplasticity so your clients thrive with lifelong learning

Improve concentration, memory and stress management in your clients
Provide individually personalized brain health journeys with an evidence-based program that integrates assessment, monitoring, coaching, and training.
Find out how key lifestyle areas are crucial to brain health
Help clients build healthy habits and share specific activities that improve cognitive fitness, sleep, nutrition, exercise, and stress management.
Benefit from guidance based on the latest in brain-lifestyle research
The program is customized to your clients’ goals while leveraging the broad base of research from Synaptitude brain scientists.

Choose one partner that provides access to evaluation, coaching, and intervention in all five brain health pillars

We customize our joint program so that it complements, rather than overlaps with your current offering.

Brain Training

Brain training can help your brain to age well. We target brain exercises to your weak spots to improve your cognitive function.

Stress Management

Chronic stress can cause your brain to shrink. We help you to manage your stress and improve your emotional health.


Poor sleep can harm your brain over time. We help to improve your sleep quality and reduce your risk for cognitive impairment, helping you to be more productive and focused.


Exercise can help to keep your brain sharp. We help to improve your physical health, improving your balance and stamina.


What you eat can determine how well your brain ages. We help you to adopt healthy nutrition habits that have been shown to reduce the risk of cognitive decline.

The Synaptitude Brain Fitness Plan Provides an Integrated Approach


Clients will understand their risk areas for cognitive decline, learn activities to promote brain health and have a healthy aging strategy that creates confidence.


Your client relationship is supported by a brain health coach that complements your own offerings.


A comprehensive approach engages clients in a multimodal, personalized training schedule.


Comprehensive monthly cognitive evaluations track your clients' brain health changes, demonstrating progress and improvements from your work together.

High touch, without the high cost

Send practitioner notes or keep your clients engaged through an AI-enabled conversational agent. Encourage goal setting and habit tracking. Connect clients with daily brain health tips for an interactive coaching experience.


A fun part of a routine for healthy aging

“Just as my exercise and physio programs help me with physical stamina, Synaptitude helps me with mental stamina. It is incredible to feel better in an area I had given up any hope of improving in”

- Don, 56

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